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Cinema Advertising

It has been more than a hundred years now; but Cinema has not lost its importance in anyway. The sheer impact and engagement of watching a film, or even an ad on the big screen can create a highly emotional impact on the audience. There is no limit to the kind of impact you can create through Cinema Advertising in a captivating environment where your audience can neither change channels nor skip ads. Whether it is about creating brand awareness, acquiring new customers or delivering key messages, Cinema Advertising makes it highly effective through the kind of experience it creates.

Showcase the Bigger Picture of your Brand

Hording Advertising

Outdoor advertising or Out of Home Advertising popularly known as OOH, is one of the fastest growing sectors in the advertising domain due to its immense public reach, and with unmatched pan India presence and large variety of Outdoor advertising options, is a prominent player of this premium category. We are the giants in the world of Outdoor Advertisement.


Lollipop advertising are the best medium for eye level advertising. It is a format in outdoor advertising which is back lit giving maximum
mileage for the advertisers in the day and night, Typically found in high traffic areas in centre dividers of arterial routes.
Lollipop present medium sized advertisement to the majority of people who are the roads to travel within the city. Typically showing large, witty slogans and distinctive visuals are highly visible in the top designated market areas.
We offer lollipop banner advertising in prime location like in front of Complex & Malls , High traffic locations where Ads will be strategically displayed.


1. Target & Localized reach.
2. More prominent in Night.
3. Direct access to target Audience.
4. Minimum 5 medians visibility at single point of time.
5. Scope for innovation.
6. Cost effective.
7. Visibility from steering wheel level.

Event and brand pramotion

We believe in involving ourselves organically in every avenue of a consumer’s life. We do this by creating moments in popular malls, colleges, bus stops, multiplexes, stores and events right into cherished moments in a customer’s life. At Brand Promotions, we constantly evolve in media formats, using traditional media unexpectedly and adapting to new technology seamlessly. In the age of digital, advertising goes beyond expertise and requires knowledge and fresh ideas. And Brand Promotions strives to bring out the finest in our clients with every new challenge.

Our vision is to empower brands & corporates to communicate primarily through the medium of experience & innovation.
We believe in the sales of our client’s products/services, sales supported by brand visibility, awareness and execution of the product’s message with a promotional objective.

Interior and exterior illustration

Some projects demand no-compromise lighting solutions. No modifications of familiar luminaires but new constructions, so-called special luminaires. These enable the implementation of planning impulses from which both architects and planners benefit to the same extent. Lighting functions here mostly as a design element and discreetly emphasises the architecture. It guides attention to the essentials and transforms architectural features into unforgettable moments. Lighting itself though can also attract attention.

Graphics Design

We Deliver the Following Graphic Design Services. Traditional forms of print design, married with modern execution, to produce stylishly customized banners, covers designs, outdoor billboards, flyer design, brochures, posters, labels, magazines, merchandise, and marketing materials.

Smart Choice Advertising is a full service printer, which means we can do just about anything. In addition to printing, we provide the following services to help you complete your project.

Print Media

Print media is one of the oldest and basic forms of communication. It includes newspapers, weeklies, magazines, monthlies, banners & graphics, posters and other forms of printed material. The contribution of print media in providing information and transfer of knowledge is remarkable.

Electronic Media

Electronic media are media that use electronics or electromechanical audience to access the content. This is in contrast to static media (mainly print media), which today are most often created electronically, but do not require electronics to be accessed by the end user in the printed form.
Electronic Media Advertising. We, at Ad Alternative cover each dimension of media services. Electronics media advertising such ad films including motion adverts and radio ads as well as scrolling ads are the better form ofadvertisements and they have maximum reach through consumers.

We can offer you solutions across all of the above, and customize it for your needs.

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