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Cinema Advertising

Increase your Reach & Impact with Cinema Advertising”

Plan your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach & ROI in your media plan. Cinema advertising is a great media-mix to target your core TG & reduce wastage.

Why Cinema works?

  • Chances of audience noticing your ad is high. There is a large screen in front of the audience and no remote to change the channel.
  • You can advertise only in areas of your choice.
  • Visual ads and large screen makes the ad memorable and impactful.
  • Young affluent audiences.
  • Only medium where its is impolite to talk while the ad is being aired.
  • Digital advertising capabilities offer major production savings, creative flexibility and production savings, creative flexibility and the ability to target specific audiences.


We offer the most comprehensive on-screen advertising plans, branding, activation & innovations to achieve your plan objectives.

Smart Choice Advertising is the most preferred advertising partner of major multiplex chains like PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas & other multiplexes.

Having firmly ensconced ourselves in 2500+ multiplex screens across India, we ensure that you tap all the key benefits that cinema advertising offers-uninterrupted, positive and receptive state of mind of the affluent captive audience, precision targeting, and limitless innovative possibilities.

Post a brief and we will respond within 24 hours or just call us to know more.

Advertising & Branding options in

  • Multiplex
  • Single screen cinema


  • Static / mute slide
  • Audio slide
  • Ad film


  • Arch gate
  • Signage at entrance, ticket counter
  • Seat branding
  • Cut-outs
  • Standees
  • Ticket jackets
  • Flyers and pamphlets
  • Branding in elevators, washrooms, snack counters
  • Kiosk activation / product display / product sampling to give the patrons a chance to see, feel and experience the brand
  • Façade hoarding
  • Backlist
  • Parking

Advantages of cinema advertising

  • Cinema provides larger-than-the-life audio visual display
  • Cinema is equipped with world-class sound system
  • Cinema provides a captive target audience to brand
  • Cinema advertising mixed with TV campaigns are more effective
  • Adding cinema into media plan increases effective reach
  • Media planners can target TV ad avoiders in cinemas
  • Marketers eliminate media-spend wastage by localized advertising in cinema
  • Cinema provides young demographic
  • Pin-code specific advertising is possible in cinemas
  • Cinema is the most uncluttered medium to advertise
  • Cinema is the only advertising medium which provides on-screen advertising, branding, sampling, innovative advertising & activations at every location spread across India.
  • Cinema advertising is very cost effective in long term investment
  • Cinema advertising increases brand & message recall very effectively
  • Cinema is used by marketers for Hyper local advertising
  • Cinema advertising is the best alternative to plain Jane advertising
  •  Cost per effective contact is best with cinema advertising
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